Management principles

For the stable development of Vilcon Ehitus OÜ, we act in a consistent, targeted and relevant manner. To maintain and improve our competitiveness, success and good reputation, we are innovative-minded and adhere to the following principles. Management principles express the company’s responsibility and obligations to its customers, employees, owners, cooperation partners, to society and the environment.

We undertake:

  • to be flexible partners in meeting customer wishes, providing advice and supporting them in creating valuable and environmentally friendly buildings and infrastructure;
  • to avoid, reduce and keep within limits environmental contamination and waste of resources, and to proceed from environmentally sound and economical principles;
  • to ensure, through correct and open actions, the well-being of customers, employees, owners and society;
  • to follow the requirements of customers, legislation, standards and in-house requirements in project development, project management and prime contracting for building construction and engineering;
  • to ensure sustainability, to promote employee training and growth and to improve the effectiveness of the management system constantly;
  • to minimize risks related to activity including ones that could lead to injuries and defects – above all through prevention.