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Opening of the new cinema center of Apollo Kino 10.07.2020

July 16, 2020

The construction work of Apollo Kino in J├Áhvi Park Center has been completed.

Cinema construction has been an innovative and challenging process for us. The project had complex design and construction nuances. The cinema has two halls, which makes a total of 178 chairs. The halls are equipped with state-of-the-art cinema equipment. In addition to Baku RGB 4K resolution laser projectors, Harkness cinema screens do not lack a powerful sound system which is specially designed for Apollo Cinema halls.
Colorful, special ceiling details and a black-and-white photo wall with top filmmakers, offering an eye-catching moment for every visitor. The construction and interior design solution is based on the name and vision of the Park Center: to be and stay in the park. The city park and natural light shining from the tall windows, green trees and plants, wood veneer service surfaces, are the details that give the final touch to the completed construction work.

We are satisfied and waiting for new challenges.