Management Principles

The goal of Vilcon Ehitus OÜ is to provide high quality services. In order to achieve this goal and to ensure a stable development, all elements of the company that influence the quality must act purposefully, consistently and appropriately.
To maintain and increase our competitiveness, sustainable development, success and good reputation, we are innovative and follow the agreed management principles.
The management principles express the company’s responsibility and commitment to its customers, employees, owners, cooperation partners, society and the environment.

We undertake to:

  • be flexible partners in satisfying the client’s wishes by advising and supporting them in establishing valuable, durable and environmentally friendly buildings and facilities;
  • prevent, reduce or contain in restrict levels of contamination of the environment and waste of resources and act environmentally responsibly and economically;
  • ensure the well-being of our customers, employees, owners and society via a correct and open action;
  • comply with customer, legislative, regulatory, and company requirements for project development, project management, and general contracting for construction and engineering;
  • promote staff training and self-development in order to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system, by assessing quality and occupational professionalism;
  • create a safe and healthy work environment, minimizing the risks associated with the occupational activity, including those that may cause injury and illness.

The management policies are disclosed, understood and applied within the company and made available to relevant stakeholders, as appropriate. The management principles shall be reviewed during the management assessment process and updated, if necessary. To implement the management principles, specific management objectives and a management plan have been established.